Friday, April 22, 2022

Richardson Echo's May 2022 Voter's Guide

Welcome to the Richardson Echo's first Richardson Voter's Guide.

Early voting starts April 25, 2022, for three Richardson ISD trustee races in single-member districts. This academic year saw the resignation of Superintendent Jeanie Stone, controversies over public health, concerns over books, defenses of teachers, Social-Emotional Learning, and issues of diversity.

I restarted the Richardson Echo a few months ago. For those few who read the first incarnation, you will remember that I stuck pretty much to the news. I reviewed election outcomes but didn't endorse candidates. Since I declared this go-round would be more opinion-based, you get my opinion on these Richardson ISD School board candidates.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Richardson's Public Engagement - Rickey Henderson Edition

Previously I posted that Richardson's Public Engagement is broken. I criticized the City for not using its monthly Richardson Today to publicize its engagement efforts properly. This week the April edition of Richardson Today arrived, and it is different. Let's see what they did.

Richardson Today - April 2022
Source: City of Richardson


Friday, April 8, 2022

Fewer Polling Locations for Hotly Contested RISD Board Election?

 On April 6, 2022 Community Impact reports that Dallas County may “temporarily” close some polling elections for this May’s election due to a polling worker shortage. According to Community Impact, the Elections Department requested 68 of the 469 polling location centers be closed. The Lake Highlands Community Impact article focused on Richardson ISD and Lake Highlands locations.

RISD District 5 Map with
Potential Closed Polling Location

What the Community Impact article did not tell you is that four of those polling places are in the hotly contested RISD Place 5 Board district. That was the Board of Trustee location vacated suddenly by former Board President Karen Clardy in her bid to stave off the exit of now-former Superintendent Dr. Jeanie Stone. More after the jump.

Monday, April 4, 2022

Richardson's Ten Best Planning Decisions:
10 - Sidewalks are Everywhere in Richardson

I believe that of the things a city can control, its land use planning is the most impactful thing that can control its future fortunes and success. A city that does that poorly or does not try to make up for past errors will show its cracks in the long run. A city that does it well will reap financial or economic fortunes and social and intangible ones as well.


I have started a "Ten Best" list of Richardson's planning decisions with that in mind. These are past decisions that give it strength, pay dividends, and make Richardson a great place to live. More after the jump.