Friday, May 12, 2023

City Council Election 2023 Aftermath

Election 2023 is in the books. We have a new mayor-elect. We have two new council persons upcoming. Elections were run. Doors were knocked on. Mailers sent. Hands were shaken, and fists bumped. There were winners and losers, not necessarily those running for elections. On the 15th-floor penthouse of the Chase Bank building at US-75 and Main St., the Richardson Echo's crackerjack staff (meaning me) have been working overtime (meaning when I had time) to bring you this analysis of what transpired.

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Richardson ISD Principals Response to Gun Violence Protests? DoubleThink!

A national group, Students Demand Action, organized student walkouts on May 11 to protest inaction on gun violence. According to students I have spoken to, news of this protest has reached students in the Richardson ISD High Schools. Word also reached the ears of Richardson High School principals, who responded in a way that high school principals usually respond. What did they say?