Tuesday, June 27, 2023

What Should Go in the Orange Box?

The City of Richardson is interested in gathering your opinion regarding the new City Hall. They are equally interested in obtaining the perspectives of the current City Council members. While the survey you may have come across on Richardson's website seeks your input, it varies from the one designed specifically for City Council members.

For better or worse, ignorance or wisdom, these encapsulate my answers to the questionnaire given to City Council members. As you can imagine as someone who lived here before the current City Hall was built, I have some opinions.

Monday, June 12, 2023

Q: Why does the Richardson cross US-75? A: To get no input

The agenda for the Richardson City Council meeting for June 12, 2023 contains an item that caught my eye for many reasons. It involves the very long and very slow road to improving pedestrian and bicycle access across US-75 and Belt Line. This is great news. I say "contains" (present tense) because the meeting is tonight.

Is it great news for public input or even City Council input? Possible Answers: "Maybe Not" and "How do we know?" Read on after the break. 

Monday, June 5, 2023

City Council of 2023 First Policy Decision

The Richardson City Council of 2023 has been sworn in and they have made their first policy decision. I do not mean choosing Mayor Pro Tem from among themselves as they did when they chose Arefin Shamsul. Choosing Mayor Pro Tem isn't optional. What I mean is that they have made an actual policy decision that they did not have to make. What is it and what does it say about the new Mayor, Council and their upcoming term?