Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Richardson Council Member Uses Social Media Correctly

Much has been written about elected officials use of social media. See how one Richardson Council Member used his voice to a make positive statement.


Almost all Richardson City Council members have social media accounts, including Facebook accounts. Most of the time, their posts are innocuous. Many are pictures of community events, including selfies of themselves at community events. Many posts are re-posts of the City of Richardson's social media postings.

Seldom do we see a posting about a current issue. I find that frustrating as a constituent because the Public would benefit from council persons judiciously and carefully using their individual voices to further community discussion.

Place 4 Council Person Joe Corcoran did just that yesterday. He made the following post on Facebook.

Corcoran is referring to the shooting of Ralph Yarl in Kansas City. Yarl, a 16-year-old black student, was shot for knocking on the wrong door while attempting to retrieve his siblings. The shooter has been charged with two felony counts.

Congratulations to Council Person Joe Corcoran for using his voice to reach out positively. This is the kind of leadership I appreciate in elected officials.


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  1. I find Mr. Corcoran to be a breath of fresh air. He's the only City Council candidate who has shown up at my door to talk and honestly he mostly listened.